By David Hare
September 7 - September 30, 2018

2015 Tony Award Winner for Best Revival of a Play. An intensely clear-sighted, complex, and thought-provoking drama about power, politics, and a love affair. Kyra is surprised to see the son of her former lover at her apartment in a London slum. He hopes she will reconcile with his distraught, now widowed, father. Tom, a restless, self-made restaurant and hotel tycoon, arrives later that evening, unaware of his son’s visit. Kyra, who was his invaluable business associate and a close family friend until his wife discovered their affair, has since found a vocation teaching underprivileged children. Is the gap between them unbridgeable, or can they resurrect their relationship?

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Age & Content ConsiderationsRide the Skylight contains adult themes, including references to adultery.

ACT believes that our patrons can determine what is offensive for themselves, and what is appropriate for their children. We don’t create age restrictions but do our best to offer content advisories for each show. For detailed information about show content and possible triggers, please contact

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