Running Time: 2 hours (including an intermission)

ACT welcomes the wildly popular local radio show recorded live for podcast. Created and produced by long-time Seattle theater artists and ACT regulars Leslie Law and Richard Ziman, Sandbox Radio LIVE! melds the excitement, spontaneity, and moxie of live contemporary theater with the unique experience of a live radio show. Each episode is completely fresh and locally grown, and is written, produced, and performed by a "who's who" of Seattle’s hottest stage talent. This is theater for radio — reimagined... plays, songs, poetry, adaptations of classic literature, public service announcements, special appearances by local celebrities, musical guests, and more; all scored with live sound effects and original music from the Sandbox Radio Orchestra led by composer/music director Jose “Juicy” Gonzales.

“Crackling...electrifying...fresh, joyful and awesome.” —The Stranger

Photo Credit: Truman Buffett

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October 13
Sandbox Radio brings you two of the Samuel Beckett’s great radio plays as part of Seattle’s city-wide Beckett Festival!
In the Bullitt Cabaret
December 29
In the Falls Theatre