Age Recommendations: Red Light Winter contains male and female full frontal nudity, simulated sex, and adult themes. Recommended for ages 18 and older. 25 Saints contains intense violence, drug use, and adult themes. Recommended for ages 14 and older. E-cigarettes are used in both productions. 

ACT Theatre's policy is to inform audiences of content, but to let parents, guardians, and teachers make decisions that they feel is most appropriate for youth and teens in their care.

Please note both plays require separate admission tickets and are not performed in a single evening. Please consult the calendar above prior to purchasing your tickets.

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25 Saints
Post-play discussion with playwright Joshua Rollins: Nov 2 & 3

In Red Light Winter, former college buddies Matt and Davis take off to the Netherlands and find themselves entangled in a bizarre love triangle with a beautiful, young prostitute named Christina. The romance they find in Europe unravels their friendship back home, and all three are forced to confront unexpected consequences resulting from their one night together. Written with a harsh, poetic beauty, Red Light Winter is a stunning story of obsession, isolation, and the desperate need for people to fulfill their hunger for intimacy.

25 Saints  is the story of Charlie and Tuck, a pair of Appalachian meth peddlers in rural Virginia who, on a very bad night, find themselves being hunted by corrupt local law enforcement after they shoot and kill the deputy. The play focuses on a group forgotten people who, when not plastered on CNN when a coal mine collapses, are left to fend for themselves. It is a grim look into a world of poverty that makes folks resort to crime and violence that many of us can choose to ignore--these are desperate souls struggling to survive in a hostile place, who have no options, who have run out of time.



Red Light Winter Cast
Richard Nguyen Sloniker as Matt
Tim Gouran as Davis
Mariel Neto as Christina

25 Saints Cast
Tim Gouran as Charlie
Richard Nguyen Sloniker as Tuck
Libby Barnard as Sammy
Mary Bayley as Duffy
Mariel Neto as Sasha
James Lapan as Sheriff

Creative Team for Both Productions
Desdemona Chiang, director
Maria Manness, stage manager
Catherine Cornell, scenic design
Andrew D. Smith, lighting design
Christine Tschirgi, costume design
Evan Mosher, sound design
Paul Clifton Barrois, properties design
Serin Ngai, producer

Co-founded by Seattle actor Richard Nguyen Sloniker and director Desdemona Chiang, Azeotrope's mission is to create a space where audiences confront the marginalized and obscured, bringing visibility to the invisible. We hope to broaden Seattle’s cultural and artistic environment with vital, urgent, and exciting projects that would otherwise be underrepresented. Recipient of the 2012 Gregory Award for Outstanding Production for Jesus Hopped the A Train. For more information, please visit Azeotrope can also be found on Facebook and Twitter (@AZOtheatre).

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