Hirst... Frank Corrado
Briggs...Peter Crook
Foster...Benjamin Harris
Spooner... Randy Moore

Directed by Penny Cherns

August 17-26, 2012
In the Falls Theatre

The original production of No Man’s Land in 1975 brought together two giants of the twentieth century British theatre, the sirs John Gielgud and Ralph Richardson as, respectively, Spooner and Hirst. Their rambling conversation, a stream of consciousness that meanders through past literary achievements and failures, past associations, past escapades and past resentments, is a heady concoction of elegance, innuendo, bitter argument and graceful wit—with just enough vulgarity thrown in to lend it all spice. Ultimately, No Man’s Land is a profound (and boozy) meditation on life and death and what may or may not have taken place between the cradle and the grave. This will be its first professional production in Seattle.

Part of The Pinter Festival

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