Original Production Information
March 10 - May 20, 2012 | WORLD PREMIERE!
A Co-Production with The 5th Avenue Theatre
Directed by Bill Berry, Musical Staging by Josh Prince
In the Falls Theatre
1 hour, 35 minutes (no intermission)

One first date. Two people. And every single voice in their heads. 

Ever been on a date and wondered what the other person was thinking? This new musical comedy lets you peer inside the nervous and busy minds of two would-be lovebirds. Soho artist Casey and Wall Street trader Aaron are on that all-important first date. How can they know if they’re right for each other when old boyfriends, ex-fiancées, assorted friends, relatives, and even the waiter keep offering unsolicited advice? This relationship may just have a chance — if only they can get their inner voices to shut up! Produced in partnership with The 5th Avenue Theatre.

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First Date is a co-production of ACT – A Contemporary Theatre and The 5th Avenue Theatre.  It follows in the footsteps of last season’s Vanities, which played during the spring of 2011.

ACT and The 5th Avenue began these partnerships in order to stage musicals they might not otherwise produce on their own.  With shared resources, the theaters can explore a wide variety of new and lesser known musicals.  The Falls Theatre at ACT is an ideal space to stage the more intimate musicals selected for these partnerships.

ACT Theatre is extremely pleased to continue the partnership with The 5th Avenue for the 2011-12 season with First Date.  This production offers a remarkable chance for ACT subscribers and single-ticket buyers alike to experience the birth of a brand new musical comedy, developed and staged with Seattle’s most renowned producer of musicals.

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Eric Ankrim...Aaron

Greg McCormick Allen... Man #3 (Waiter et al.) 

Benjamin Harris...Man #2 (Reggie et al.) 

Kelly Karbacz...Casey 

Vicki Noon... Woman #2 ( Allison et al.)

Brandon O’Neill...Man #1 (Gabe et al.)

Billie Wildrick...Woman #1 (Lauren et al.) 


Titles, dates, ticket pricing, and venues subject to change.