October 7-30, 2011
In The Eulalie Scandiuzzi Space
Running Time: 2 hours, 0 minutes

Oh, good grief! The Peanuts gang has grown up, and it turns out that life is not a comic strip after all. Ten years removed from childhood, Charlie Brown, Pigpen, Lucy and the others are grappling with the issues of teens today. They include a stoner, a homophobe, an arsonist, a Goth performance artist, a couple of slutty, booze-swilling clique leaders and an outcast who finds happiness only at a keyboard. Turning Schulz's pleasant world into a scathingly-funny psychological disaster area, Dog Sees God will turn childhood on its head and take you through all the happiness and pain that is the institution of high school.

Presented by Balagan Theatre

Recommended for ages 15+ due to strong language, sexual references, some violence

The premiere production in ACT Theatre's brand-new intimate venue, The Eulalie Scandiuzzi Space!

Due to the intimacy of the theatre, there will be absolutely no late seating. Thank you.

Cast: Libby Barnard, David Goldstein, Amy Hill, Harry Jamieson, Ben McFadden, Megan Ahiers, Allison Standley & Bobby Temple

Production Team: Shawn Belyea, Ahren Buhmann, M. Elizabeth Eller, Alycia Hendryckson, Johanna Melamud, Jen Moon, Terra Morgan, Hannah Schnabel, Stephanie Staley and Angel Welter

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