Running Time: approximately 1 hour, 45 minutes

The Soviet empire, and its socialist ideals, rested on the premise that science, applied to history, would bring forth a utopian, atheist future for its citizens.  Focusing on science over spirit, a whole new brand of fiction rose amongst the dreams of this future, only to be crushed by the very system that had made the promises in the first place.  Join The Seagull Project Artistic Director as he curates and directs an evening of Soviet Science Fiction.

Part of the series: The Great Soul of Russia

SeagullThe Seagull Project was formed out of a passion for the great works of Anton Chekhov. Having met and collaborated on Seattle Shakespeare Company's wildly successful Threepenny Opera  in 2011, the founding producers immediately sought a new collaboration; one which allowed the actors to take the time needed to create an ensemble and honor the work of Chekhov with bravery, honesty, simplicity, and elegance. In January of 2013, they opened The Seagull in ACT's Falls Theatre, garnering both audience and critical acclaim. In April of 2014, The Seagull Project had the great distinction of becoming the first American ensemble in history to perform at the Ilkhom Theatre in Tashkent, Uzbekistan - a Seattle sister city. Upon their return, they produced Chekhov's Three Sisters in January of 2015. Learn more about The Seagull Project at .

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