Running time: 1 hour and 40 minutes, with one intermission

The 14/48 operates under a simple premise: gather some of Seattle’s most daring theater artists and put them in a pressure cooker. But the challenge is far from simple, and that is 14 plays written, cast, directed, rehearsed, scored, designed, and premiered in 48 hours. Since 1997, 14/48: TWQTF has premiered over 800 new works, many of which have gone on to repeat productions, and forged lasting relationships throughout the artistic community.

The Worlds Quickest Theater Festival turns 21! We are finally old enough to legally tap the keg! Come party with the Gregory Awards People’s Choice Theater of the Year! 21 Run!! Woo! Shots


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The 14/48 Projects was formed to produce and expand the reach of their signature event, 14/48: The World's Quickest Theater Festival. Since 1997, 14/48 had been produced through a collaboration between One World Theatre and Three Card Monty, but in 2013 they consolidated into a new organization with a broader mandate.

The 14/48 Projects produces all iterations of The World’s Quickest Theater Festival, Theater Anonymous, and many more social theatrical events in Seattle and developed an international network of 14/48 Festivals with Leicester, England and Austin, Texas in Fall 2014. The 14/48 Projects Partner Program offers producing support to independent artists, recently helping send Jennifer Jasper’s Etymology to compete in the finals of (and win!) The Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival and launched Rachel Atkins Voyage for Madmen in early 2015. They began developing an education program with NorthShortsa co-production with North Seattle College, and mentoring 14/48: HS, the first-ever festival exclusively for local high school students.

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Jessica Chisum
Eddie DeHais (virgin)
Lamar Legend (virgin)
Scotto Moore
Julia Nardin
Allison R. G. Ross (virgin)
Nick Stokes

Wiley Basho Gorn (virgin)
Julia Griffin
Mimi Katano
Pamala Mijatov
Amy Poisson
Brandon J. Simmons
Ilvs Strauss (virgin)

Kiki Abba
Aimée Bruneau
Val Brunetto
Adrian Cerrato (virgin)
Dan Chercover
Christi Cruz
Angela DiMarco
David Eply (virgin)
Monica Galarneau
Lauryn Rilla Hochberg
Alyssa Kay virgin
Alyssa Keene
Kenna M Kettrick
Catherine Kettrick
Katya Landau (virgin)
Patrick Lennon
Kevin Lin
Imogen Love
Jen Nelson (virgin)
Sam Read
Kristina Sutherland Rowell                
Alexander Samuels
Carol Thompson (virgin)
Lisa Viertel
James Weidman
Bob Williams
Jake Ynzunza

Meghan Arnett
Mike Catts
Randy Coté (virgin)
Chris Dewar
Ian Johnston
Charles Leggett
Jordi Montes (virgin)
Nathan Young

Wyly Astley
Zane Exactly
Josh Hartvigson (virgin)
Rick MacKenzie
Clair McCory (virgin)
Amanda Rae
Hannah Schnabel
Matthew Smucker (virgin)
Suzi Tucker
Nick Edwards (virgin)
Robert Falk

Rachel Atkins
Elizabeth Heffron
Maggie Lee
Darian Lindle
Elena Naskova (virgin)
Dave Pitt
Michael Yichao

Wesley Frugé
Tim Hyland
Renée Infelise
Keira McDonald (virgin)
Pilar O'Connell (virgin)
Stan Shields
Gary Zinter

Deniece Bleha
Alyson Scadron Branner
Ana María Campoy (virgin)
Alysha Curry (virgin)
Amy Danneker
Mark Fullerton
Heather Gautschi
Laurence Hughes
Jim Jewell
Marena Kleinpeter (virgin)
Teri J. Lazzara
Tracy Leigh
Matt Middleton
Hannah Mootz
Andre Nelson
Jesse Parce
Michael Patten
Susan Perleros
Ryan Sanders (virgin)
Andrew Shanks
Jason Sharp
Gurvinder Singh (virgin)
Zenaida Smith (virgin)
Cody Smith
Molly Tellers
Jordan-Michael Whidbey
Evan Whitfield

Lesley Bain
Kate Jaeger (virgin)
Annie Jantzer
Liam Lawe
Troy Lund
Michael Owcharuk
Aaron J. Shay (virgin)
Shawnmarie Stanton
Owen Yen (virgin)

Doris Black
Meaghan Darling
Angelo Domitri
Brandi Hair (virgin)
Cole Hornaday
Amy LaZerte
Robin Macartney
Gerard Menendez
Casey Middaugh (virgin)

Titles, artists, partners, dates, ticket pricing, and venues subject to change.