Running time: 2 hours and 30 minutes, one intermission

Seattle-based Sandbox Radio returns to ACT with their final live show of the year, SNOWFLAKES! Catch your favorite local performers in new short plays, poetry and comedy and more created for live radio by Scot Augustson, Keiko Green, Elizabeth Heffron, Peggy Platt, and Wayne Rawley...with special guest Sarah Rudinoff and the Sandbox Radio Orchestra led by music director/composer Angie Louise (The Love Markets). All scored with live sound effects and recorded live for podcast featuring you, as the "studio” audience! Join producers and hosts Leslie Law and Richard Ziman and ring in the New Year with Sandbox Radio.

The Stranger calls the Sandbox Radio experience "fresh, joyful and awesome".

Part of the series: Sandbox Radio LIVE!

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Creator/Director:  Leslie Law
Producer: Richard Ziman
Music Director/Composer: Jose “Juicy” Gonzales