Running time: 2 hours and 30 minutes, one intermission

Seattle-based Sandbox Radio returns to ACT with a fresh new episode, Eclipsed! Catch your favorite performers in new short plays by Scot Augustson, Elizabeth Heffron, Brandon Simmons, Lisa Halpern and Peggy Platt and more, all scored with live music and sound effects and recorded live in front of you, the "studio" audience. Featuring special musical guests from Pratidhwani, Robert ‘The Drunken Tenor' McPherson, and writer and performance poet Daemond Arrindell. Sandbox Radio ... a  classic radio variety show with a contemporary Seattle spin.

The Stranger calls the Sandbox Radio experience "fresh, joyful and awesome."

Produced and Directed by: Leslie Law and Richard Ziman

Music Director: Jose "Juicy" Gonzales

Sandbox Radio Orchestra: David Marriott, Chris Monroe, Dave Pascal

Sandbox Radio Players: Eric Ray Anderson, Imogen Love, Annette Toutonghi, Seanjohn Walsh, Cole Hornaday, Marianna De Fazio, Gin Hammond, Larry Paulsen, Mik Kuhlman, K. Brian Neel

Part of the series: Sandbox Radio LIVE!

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Advisory Board:
Tracy Adams
Maria Lamarca Anderson
Kathleen Cain
Richelle Dickerson
AJ Epstein
William Hall, Jr.
Charles McAleese
David Ornstein
Ginny Ruffner
Dan Tierney
Marta Zekan