Running time: 2 hours and 30 minutes, with one intermission

Raised as a man and a warrior, Princess Chitrangada finds herself at an impasse when she falls in love with Arjuna, the greatest warrior in the land. How does one woo a man? Does one appear as oneself or as a coy damsel in distress?

Chitrangada, The Warrior Princess, is an Indian dance ballet in English that explores and shatters the accepted rules of love, attraction, femininity, and illusion. Written in 1892 by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, Chitrangada remains extremely relevant in present times as we probe gender stereotypes and the meaning of love. Brought to you by Pratidhwani, a South Asian non-profit for the arts in Seattle, Chitrangada features eleven classical and contemporary Indian dance forms, original music recorded by Pratidhwani, and a cast of 40.

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Age Recommendation: for ages 6 and above. ACT's policy is to inform audiences of content, but to let parents, guardians, and teachers make decisions that they feel is most appropriate for youth in their care.

Pictured: Anitha Kubendran, photo by Jerry Peter

Pratidhwani is a non-profit cultural organization based in the Seattle area. We are, at our core, a group of professionals of South Asian heritage, who are extremely enthusiastic and passionate about the artistic traditions of our homeland.

The main objective of the organization is the promotion and cultivation of the performing arts of the Indian subcontinent. Pratidhwani recognizes that the performing arts of South Asia encompass a vast and varied number of styles, genres and traditions.

To better organize our efforts, Pratidhwani functions as a collection of artistic wings, each with independent missions, but with cross-wing interaction and cooperation. The present wings of the organization are Light music, Classical music, Dance and Drama.


Tanvee Kale
Anwesha Das
Jerald Peter
Suchitra Mohan
Pushkara Chaganti
Biplab Panda

Gauri Kulkarni, Moumita Biswas, Moutupsi Paul, Nayab Bhat-Dwadasi, Anitha Ramamoorthy, Chavi Khare, Diya Modi, Tanvee Kale, Payal Kiyawat, Lakshmi Raman, Supriya Kulkarni, Anita Iyer, Sangeeta Mairpady, Shreya Sharma, Monika Joshi, Nishi Yeotikar, Gayatri Nagarkar, Megha Murali, Megha Jain, Janhavi Bhagvat, Harsha Nair, Rena Janarthanan, Shweta Joshi, Uzma Khan, Anitha Kubendran, Seema Shetty, Chandrima Palit, Madhura Bhatawadekar, Samyukta Sethuraman, Arunita Dutta, Biplab Panda, Sourav Banerjee, Rahul Verma, Suchitra Mohan, Pushkara Chaganti, Anwesha Das, Jerald Peter

Suma Mondal, Tanvee Kale, Chavi Khare, Nayab Bhat-Dwadasi, Gauri Kulkarni, Anwesha Das, Bonny Ghosal, Madhura Bhatawadekar, Juhi Nakade, Payal Bhowmick, Rena Janarthanan, Akkshayaa Venkatram, Ria Dutta Roy, Supriya Kulkarni, Moumita Bhattacharya