Running time: 55 minutes, no intermission

A haunting and delightful pas de deux for the 21st century, featuring dance artists Rachael Lincoln and Leslie Seiters.

an attic an exit
is a highly physical duet revealing two characters traveling through five scenes within the confinement of a room. Puzzles and clues are offered and deciphered: hanging suit coats, a recurring precipice, levitating geometry, a trail of flour, and the manipulation of salt, saucers, and silverware take the audience on a haunting and delightful ride. With hyper precision, these two white-faced, white-haired twins create a language through movement and find escape through an imaginary landscape of fetishization, endless negotiations, and micro-adjustments.

“Fanciful whimsy and immaculate precision are not often as intricately intertwined as they were in Rachael Lincoln and Leslie Seiters’ mesmerizing collaboration, an attic an exit ... an enchantingly wise and witty work.” --Rita Felciano, DanceViewTimes

"Just when your heart catches at Seiters' vulnerability, however, you become aware of her wiry strength, uncompromising gaze, and fierce playfulness ... bracingly inventive choreography." --Janice Steinberg, San Diego Tribune

Photo by RJ Muna

Dance artists Rachael Lincoln and Leslie Seiters’ collaboration spans two decades. Intent on expanding definitions of dance, they choreograph movement, props, rigging, and sound to engage their audiences in an evocative aesthetic experience. Upon entering their world, movement becomes language, objects become characters, and everyday logic is suspended. With equal concern for precision and wonder, Lincoln and Seiters integrate influences from contemporary dance, visual art, fiction, aerial dance, and theater.

Rachael Lincoln has been making physical dance theater since 1997. Cited by Dance View Times as a “fresh, literate director with a mastery of dramatic timing,” Lincoln's work has been presented internationally, in venues including Sopiensaele Theater in Berlin, Theater Artaud in San Francisco, The Dublin Fringe Festival, The Bytom Dance Festival in Poland, UCLA, and The Indonesian Dance Festival. She has been nominated for two Isadora Duncan Dance Awards and in 2009 was selected for the Bessie Schonberg choreographic residency at The Yard. In addition to her own work, Rachael was a member of The Joe Goode Performance Group and Jo Kreiter's Flyaway Productions, and has collaborated with Sara Shelton Mann, Bebe Miller, Kathleen Hermesdorf, and Kim Epifano in the U.S. and with wee dance company, Sommer Ulrickson, and Jess Curtis in Berlin. Rachael has been a member of the internationally touring vertical dance company Bandaloop since 1998 and is currently performing Trisha Brown’s iconic solo, “Man Walking Down the Side of a Building.” Recently, Lincoln was the choreographer for Stupid Fucking Bird at ACT. She now lives in Seattle and is an Assistant Professor in the Dance Program at The University of Washington.

Leslie Seiters teaches, performs, makes dances, and relies on what happens when these areas of her work reflect each other. She studied visual art at Kenyon College, received an M.F.A. in Dance from The Ohio State University, and is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner.  She directs Leslie Seiters/little known dance theater, creates and performs with long-time collaborator Rachael Lincoln, and co-founded a weekly practice group, LIVE, in 2007. She has received San Francisco’s “izzie” awards in both choreography and visual design and has received grants from the Zellerbach Family Fund, CASH Grants, as well as residencies at ODC Theater, CounterPULSE, the Djerassi Foundation, Purdue University and Goucher College. Leslie has primarily lived/worked on the west coast and has performed with Sara Shelton Mann, Jo Kreiter/Flyaway Productions, Dandelion DanceTheater, Bebe Miller, Scott Wells, Knee Jerk Project, Abby Crain, Mary Armentrout, Body Cartography Project, and Jess Curtis/Gravity Physical Entertainment. She is currently involved in performance projects with Sara Shelton Mann and Deborah Hay. Leslie is a faculty member at San Diego State University's dance program and at the American Dance Festival in Durham, NC.

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