Running time: 90 minutes, with one intermission

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus famously said the only constant is change. It is the essence of the human condition, and it is the central theme of Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, which The Seagull Project will present in February 2017. Tonight, we’ll give you a hint of things to come with this selection of stories about the inevitability of change and the chaos it sometimes leaves in its wake.

Chaos Theory Curator Jean Sherrard brings together members of the Seagull ensemble and guest artists to read short works by Ray Bradbury, Joe Meno, Flannery O’Connor, and Chehkov himself. As Sherrard so eloquently notes, “At the heart of all our efforts to explain, to justify, to reveal, there spins a chaotic sun, hissing and spitting out random shapes and colors, which is a writer’s duty to capture and describe.”

The Great Soul of Russia returns for its fifth season with new artists, new stories, and a continued passion for Chekhov. Each evening brings directors including Stephanie Haire, Jeff Schwager, Brandon Simmons, Hannah Victoria Franklin, and Tyler Polumsky, together with some of your favorite actors as they explore works ranging from Shalom Aleichem to Aaron Posner, revealing how All Roads Lead to Chekhov.

Part of the series: The Great Soul of Russia

Seagull The Seagull Project was formed out of a passion for the great works of Anton Chekhov. Having met and collaborated on Seattle Shakespeare Company's wildly successful Threepenny Opera  in 2011, the founding producers immediately sought a new collaboration; one which allowed the actors to take the time needed to create an ensemble and honor the work of Chekhov with bravery, honesty, simplicity, and elegance. In January of 2013, they opened The Seagull in ACT's Falls Theatre, garnering both audience and critical acclaim. In April of 2014, The Seagull Project had the great distinction of becoming the first American ensemble in history to perform at the Ilkhom Theatre in Tashkent, Uzbekistan - a Seattle sister city. Upon their return, they produced Chekhov's Three Sisters in January of 2015. Learn more about The Seagull Project at .