Running Time: Two hours, with one intermission

Seattle's most daring theatre artists accept the challenge to write, cast, design, direct, score, rehearse, and perform 14 world premiere plays in 48 hours. Theatre at its freshest from artists forever willing to raise the stakes!

Each weekend, artists gather on Thursday night. Writers are given a theme and write a play on that theme by the next morning. Directors are chosen at random, the plays are cast at random, musicians arrive and form a brand new band. Friday night, we present seven world premiere plays-never seen before, never seen again, impossible to forget-and then ask the audience for a new theme so we can start the whole process again in what The Stranger describes as "a punishing artistic exercise in speed and endurance."

Photo by Joe Iano

The 14/48 Projects was formed to produce and expand the reach of their signature event, 14/48: The World's Quickest Theater Festival. Since 1997, 14/48 had been produced through a collaboration between One World Theatre and Three Card Monty, but in 2013 they consolidated into a new organization with a broader mandate.

The 14/48 Projects produces all iterations of The World’s Quickest Theater Festival, Theater Anonymous, and many more social theatrical events in Seattle and developed an international network of 14/48 Festivals with Leicester, England and Austin, Texas in Fall 2014. The 14/48 Projects Partner Program offers producing support to independent artists, recently helping send Jennifer Jasper’s Etymology to compete in the finals of (and win!) The Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival and launched Rachel Atkins Voyage for Madmen in early 2015. They began developing an education program with NorthShorts, a co-production with North Seattle College, and mentoring 14/48: HS, the first-ever festival exclusively for local high school students.

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First Weekend–January 8 and 9


Second Weekend–January 15 and 16

  • Lindsay Carpenter
  • Julia Griffin*
  • Darian Lindle
  • Courtney Meaker
  • Mike Murphy*
  • Wayne Rawley
  • Matt Smith


  • Charlotte Emily Bond
  • Tim Hyland
  • Cole Hornaday
  • Corey McDaniel
  • Charles Smith
  • Kathryn Stewart
  • Katjana Vadeboncouer


  • Joel Astley*
  • Lesley Bain
  • Brian Bermudez
  • Michael Catts
  • Nick Edwards*
  • Tristan Gianola*
  • Adam Kozie
  • Pamala Mijatov*
  • Kate Olson*
  • Michael Owcharuk


  • Dana Amromin*
  • Robert Falk
  • Kenna Kettrick
  • Amy LaZerte
  • Brendan Mack*
  • Kyle Thompson*
  • Matthew Tilton
  • Suzi Tucker
  • Annette Auger
  • Alyson Bedford
  • Erin Bednarz
  • Zoey Cane Belyea
  • Val Brunetto
  • Marianna de Fazio
  • Mike Dooly
  • Amy Escobar*
  • Brandon Felker
  • Mike Gilson*
  • Keiko Green*
  • Nicole Hodges*
  • Kelly K. Johnson
  • Derek Kolluri*
  • Jordi Montes
  • Marty Mukhalian
  • Eric Mulholland
  • Pilar O’Connell
  • Kendra Pierce*
  • Laurel Ryan
  • Alexander Samuels
  • Mary Ethel Schmidt*
  • Kacey Shiflet*
  • Ayo Tushinde*
  • Bob Williams
  • Matthew Beames
  • Kelleen Conway-Blanchard
  • Jennifer Dice
  • Keri Healey
  • Brendan Healy
  • Scotto Moore
  • Beth Raas-Bergquist*


  • Kerri Brown Wooster
  • Emily Harvey
  • Kelly Kitchens
  • Neil Reading
  • Stan Shields
  • Brandon J. Simmons*
  • Joel Waage*


  • Adam Creighton
  • Alan Echison
  • Haley Freedlund*
  • Liam Lawe
  • Dave Pascal
  • Steve Stearns
  • Sean Taylor
  • Heather Ward*
  • Monica Wulzen*


  • Dave Baldwin
  • Christopher Comte
  • Meaghan Darling
  • Banton Foster
  • Samantha Holsworth*
  • Robin Macartney
  • Gerard Menendez
  • Kayla Rabe
  • Amanda Rae*
  • Kasia Różańska*
  • Jany Bacallao*
  • Emma J. Bamford
  • Deniece Bleha
  • Alyssa Bostwick
  • Andy Buffelen*
  • Amy Danneker
  • Jaryl Draper
  • Phillip Endicott
  • Mark Fullerton
  • Sharon Barto Gouran
  • Meaghan Halverson
  • D’Arcy Harrison
  • Jessica Hird*
  • David Hsieh*
  • Laurence Hughes*
  • Erin Ison*
  • Rob Jones
  • Jessica Kiely-Danneker*
  • Annie Lareau
  • David Anthony Lewis
  • Katie McKellar*
  • Peter Dylan O’Connor
  • Brandon Ryan
  • Alyson Scadron Branner
  • Jason Sharp
  • Raymond Williams

*First time 14/48 participant or first time in a new discipline