Running Time: Two hours, 45 minutes (includes one 15-minute intermission) 

Following their historic trip to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, The Seagull Project returns to ACT with Anton Chekhov's The Three Sisters. In a provincial Russian town, the Prozorov family dreams of escaping their deteriorating lives by moving to Moscow. When a new military outfit arrives, their lives are thrown into turmoil, and their obsessions exposed. The Seagull Project continues their unique extensive rehearsal process to bring this undeniable classic to life.

Support provided by 4Culture

John Abramson     Prozorov, Andrey Sergeevich
Hannah Victoria Franklin     Natalya Ivanovna, his fiancée, later his wife
Julie Briskman     Olga, his sister
Alexandra Tavares     Masha, his sister
Sydney Andrews     Irina, his sister
Brandon J. Simmons     Kulygin, Fyodor Ilyich, a teacher at the high school, Masha's husband
David Quicksall     Vershinin, Aleksandr Ignatyevich, a lieutenant-colonel, battery commander
CT Doescher     Tusenbach, Baron Nikolai Lvovich, a lieutenant
Tyler J. Polumsky     Solony, Vasily Vasilyevich, a captain
Peter Crook     Chebutykin, Ivan Romanovich, a military doctor
Alex Matthews     Fedotik, Aleksey Petrovich, a second lieutenant
Noah Duffy     Rode, Vladimir Karlovich, a second lieutenant
Mark Jenkins     Ferapont, an old watchman from the local district council
Julie Jamieson     Anfisa, an old nurse, aged eighty
Lindsey Leonard     Oxania, a maid
John Langs     Director
Jennifer Zeyl     Set Designer
Doris Black     Costume Designer
Robert J. Aguilar     Lighting Designer
Robertson Witmer     Sound Designer/Music
Megan Tuschhoff     Prop Designer

SeagullThe Seagull Project was formed out of a passion for the great works of Anton Chekhov. Having met and collaborated on Seattle Shakespeare Company's wildly successful Threepenny Opera in 2011, the founding producers immediately sought a new collaboration; one which allowed the actors to take the time needed to create an ensemble and honor the work of Chekhov with bravery, honesty, simplicity, and elegance. In January of 2013, they opened The Seagull in ACT's Falls Theatre, garnering both audience and critical acclaim. In April of 2014, The Seagull Project had the great distinction of becoming the first American ensemble in history to perform at the Ilkhom Theatre in Tashkent, Uzbekistan—a Seattle sister city. Since their return, they have been working on Chekhov's The Three Sisters. Learn more about The Seagull Project at

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