Running Time: Two hours, with one 15-minute intermission

From the writer of the National New Play Network's rolling world premiere Colossal comes the story of Matt Barnes, an investment banker who struggles to stomach his job. But when Matt is struck by a business idea that will net him millions while helping those in need, he believes he's discovered his new career in ethical porn. So why does everyone think this venture is even more vile than the last? A blend of humor, Hendrix, and hardcore porn, Dirty explores whether there's any place for philanthropy in this cut-throat, capitalist country.

Dirty was read as part of The Construction Zone 2014 series and selected to be fully produced within ACTLab's 2015 season. 

Age Recommendation: 14+ for mature language and adult situations

Photo by Anthony White


Leah Salcido Pfenning* - Mikayla

LoraBeth Barr - Katie

Anthony Darnell - Matt

Ali el-Gasseir* - Terry

Nik Doner - Bill

Heidi Korndorffer - Mrs. Dalton

Jasmine Sim - April

John Pyburn - Jacob


Creative Team

Michael Place - Director

Hattie Claire Andres - Assistant Director

Cassandra Thorpe - Stage Manager

Tommer Peterson - Scenic Designer

Ali Rose Panzarella* - Costume Designer

Tristan Roberson* - Lighting Designer

James Schreck* - Sound Designer

Keegan Wreden - Properties Designer


*Denotes member of Washington Ensemble Theatre

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We intend for our theatre to be a physical and creative intersection for community and art in Seattle, and we hope to expand our contemporary audience, by fostering a love of theatre’s humanity, utility, and vitality.

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