A special fundraising event for Endangered Species Project.

Running Time: Two hours and 30 minutes, with two intermissions

Following in the footsteps of last September's fundraiser The Iceman Cometh , comes a very large undertaking indeed: Sidney Kingsley's: Dead End . The tenants of a ritzy apartment building under reconstruction are forced to come and go through the service entrance rather than the front; thus the depression-era 1% must interact with the less fortunate: the wild boys who bathe in the East River and the out-of-work adults, the artists, and the gangsters… it’s a detailed cross-section of thirties life, and yet an amazingly undated work. With 38 speaking parts it's a logistical nightmare, and a great, great play. Mark Anders directs.

Part of the series:  Endangered Species Project

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Endangered Species Project  is an organization of distinguished Seattle theatre artists dedicated to presenting plays that seldom get full productions. While it is an essential duty of theatres to read and develop new work, there’s a parallel need to bring older neglected plays back to the stage. Through our simply staged readings, we lend live voices to plays that are now silent on our bookshelves.  

Founded in February of 2011, Endangered Species Project has consistently mounted monthly readings. Expanding from our core group of eleven, dozens of Seattle’s best and bravest actors have been instrumental in bringing new life to these plays. We strive to do nothing that gets between the audience and the play. We want to give full scope to those two most powerful forces in the theatre: a playwright’s ideas and the audience’s imagination.

Learn more at www.endangeredspeciesproject.org .

in alphabetical order

Mark Anders
Eric Ray Anderson
Jaron Boggs
Jared Michael Brown
Kyle Cassidy
Joshua Chessin-Yudin
Susan Corzatte
Samie Detzer
Randy Hoffmeyer
Yesenia Iglesias
Leslie Law
Shannon Erickson Loys
Amy Love
Christopher Morson
Jeanne Paulsen
Larry Paulsen
Anthony Phillips
Teri Thomas
Richard Ziman