Running Time: Two hours with one 15-minute intermission

Anton Chekhov often wrote of miscreants and malefactors, employing his lean style and keen eye to examine every aspect of human experience, including the criminal. He influenced writers from Hemingway to Elmore Leonard, from Agatha Christie to Tobias Wolff. In this program, pistols will be primed and ready, beginning with Chekhov's own dark and hilarious The Evildoer and continuing with a variety of sinfully delicious crimes and punishments. 

Part of the series: The Great Soul of Russia

SeagullThe Seagull Project was formed out of a passion for the great works of Anton Chekhov. Having met and collaborated on Seattle Shakespeare Company's wildly successful Threepenny Opera in 2011, the founding producers immediately sought a new collaboration; one which allowed the actors to take the time needed to create an ensemble and honor the work of Chekhov with bravery, honesty, simplicity, and elegance. In January of 2013, they opened The Seagull in ACT's Falls Theatre, garnering both audience and critical acclaim. In April of 2014, The Seagull Project had the great distinction of becoming the first American ensemble in history to perform at the Ilkhom Theatre in Tashkent, Uzbekistan - a Seattle sister city. Upon their return, they produced Chekhov's Three Sisters in January of 2015. Learn more about The Seagull Project at