Running time: TBD

Using a few props, simple costumes, an empty space, and the imagination of Shakespeare's text, five actors craft a bullet of vulnerability that aims for the soul. As You Like It is a story that starts in the dead of both a physical and emotional winter and awakens an infectious spring in the minds of all who listen. We begin in the controlling court after an uprising in which the old Duke has been overthrown and banished by his younger brother, the new Duke. It is a kingdom full of spies and secrets. A place where desire is ridiculed and love is a weakness. Beyond the walls of the court rests the wild Forest of Arden, where Nature is nothing but itself and will never tell a lie. Lovers flirt and fight their way through the trees, navigating the secret pathways of the heart. Come join us in this celebration of love, poetry, and the rhythm of life.

Wiley is a graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts where he received a B.F.A. in Directing from the School of Drama. Regional/New York City work includes The Tempest (director/co-producer), 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: a Sea-Shanty Musical (director/co-composer), Take One Step (associate director), The Picture of Dorian Gray (assistant director). Wiley is thrilled to be joining ACT and the Seattle theatre community this fall and excited for his artistic work to continue in growth and specificity.

The Thomas S. Kenan Directing Fellowship and ACT seek to provide emerging directors with practical knowledge and experience as artists embarking on a career in regional theatre. ACT joins Lincoln Center Theatre and The Kennedy Center as the three institutions partnering in this program. Each Directing Fellow is mentored by incoming Artistic Director John Langs as well as by the Artistic Fellow Director, and the entire ACT staff, in varying capacities.

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