Running Time: Three hours with tow 10-minute intermissions

Experience the great plays you seldom see on the stage! After the success of the male-dominated Eugene O'Neill classic in September, ESP is changing things up, and found the perfect female-dominated play: this wonderful bittersweet comedy by Noël Coward.

A new arrival at The Wings, a retirement home for actresses, has had a longstanding feud with another inmate over a past romantic entanglement, and the resulting unsettled tension affects the rest of the residents. But such a simple description doesn't do the play justice. While the clash of theatrical egos provides a lot of comedy, there is also warmth and a wide-eyed examination of aging–and, surprising for its era, a distinctly feminist viewpoint. 

Coward said, "I wrote Waiting in the Wings with loving care and absolute belief in its characters...The play as a whole contains, beneath the froth of some of its lighter moments, the basic truth that old age needn't be nearly so dreary and sad as it is supposed to be, provided you greet it with humour and live it with courage."

 …A wise and compassionate address of the problems of aging and death that confront us all.” –John Simon, New York Times

Presented with premission of Samuel French, Inc.

Part of the series: Endangered Species Project


Megan Cole Cynthia Lauren Tewes

         Megan Cole            Cynthia Lauren Tewes

Director and ESP core member Leslie Law has cast it with a don't-you-dare-miss-this list of great Seattle actors–including 15 women! 

Anna Boynton 
Rose Cano 
Jack Clay 
Megan Cole 
Susan Corzatte 
Therese Diekhans 
Ali el-Gassier 
Eric Jensen 
Suzy Hunt 
Alyssa Keene 
Laura Kenny 
Gretchen Krich 
Priscilla Lauris 
Angie Louise 
Nicole Merat
Mari Nelson 
Peggy Scales 
Cynthia Lauren Tewes

Endangered Species Project is an organization of distinguished Seattle theatre artists dedicated to presenting plays that seldom get full productions. While it is an essential duty of theatres to read and develop new work, there’s a parallel need to bring older neglected plays back to the stage. Through our simply staged readings, we lend live voices to plays that are now silent on our bookshelves.  

Founded in February of 2011, Endangered Species Project has consistently mounted monthly readings. Expanding from our core group of eleven, dozens of Seattle’s best and bravest actors have been instrumental in bringing new life to these plays. We strive to do nothing that gets between the audience and the play. We want to give full scope to those two most powerful forces in the theatre: a playwright’s ideas and the audience’s imagination.

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