Running time: 2 hr, 30 min with intermission

A lonely tree at the junction of a dirt road, on a day indistinguishable from any other day, two vagabond souls anxiously wait for their appointed meeting. They bicker, wheedle, tease, ponder, wonder, and hold fast to anything that will give them cause to live until the next day. Samuel Beckett introduced us to Vladimir and Estragon when the world lived in fear of nuclear annihilation. Since then, these two clowns, as well as their fellow travelers Pozzo and Lucky, have helped us take one falteringly-dangerous step after another into an unknown future.

Special date to note
Sep 18, 6:15pm | Beckett 101: Beckett and Philosophy, a pre-show lecture with Dr. Greg Perkins (in Buster's Event Room) 

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Directed by George Mount


Darragh Kennan Estragon (Gogo)
Todd Jefferson Moore Vladimir (Didi)
Chris Ensweiler Pozzo
Jim Hamerlinck Lucky
Alex Silva Boy

      Waiting for Godot Cast