Running Time: One hour

Inspired by the life (and death) of the choreographer’s mother, the work excavates the human soul through dance. Inclusive of family narrative from the West Coast while donning sparkly mouse ears, choreographer Maureen Whiting crafts the dance, coded in sensation and various states of consciousness with a choreographer’s strict adherence to pattern and form. This is the first part of a new larger group work entitled "The Burden of Joy” which are dances about life, death, imbalance, consciousness, and joy. Music by David Abramson, Jessika Kenny, and Eyvind Kang. Costumes by Danielle Blackwell and Jean Hicks. Set Design by Ezra Dickinson and Maureen Whiting. Lighting by Jessica Trundy.

This is a community event free and open to public with Artist Q&A. Simply RSVP for the event by clicking the Buy Tickets tab above and follow through with the order to reserve your seat(s).

Photo: Natalia Perez

The Maureen Whiting Dance Company, inspired by the rawness and beauty of life, seeks to deepen the experience of performing arts.  The work is characterized by intellectual research, movement invention, interdisciplinary collaboration, multi-media and site-specific performance.

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