Running Time: Approximately 90 minutes, followed by post-show talk back

Scandal is irresistible. We are captivated by the personal lives of celebrities and political figures almost to obsession. But at what cost? Tails of Wasps takes us behind closed doors to witness the rise and fall of one politician as he wrestles with his most intimate demons. In a hotel room, away from the public eye, a powerful man spirals downward into the depths of sexual transgression.

A world premiere presented by New Century Theatre Company (NCTC). Nominated for the prestigious Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, this arousing and eviscerating tale explores the inescapable ties between lust and power. Written by NCTC Affiliate Artist Stephanie Timm, directed by NCTC Artistic Director Darragh Kennan, and featuring NCTC company members Paul Morgan Stetler, Brenda Joyner, and Betsy Schwartz. With guest artists Sylvie Davidson and Hannah Mootz.


Age Recommendation: 16 and older for strong language, sexual content, and adult themes.
ACT Theatre's policy is to inform audiences of content, but to let parents, guardians, and teachers make decisions that they feel is most appropriate for youth and teens in their care.

NCTCNew Century Theatre Company produces boldly theatrical plays that ask more questions than they answer, explore moral issues that test the human spirit, and challenge audiences to do their own thinking. NCTC was founded in 2007 by a small group of well-respected theatre professionals committed to providing audiences with a vibrant force of cutting-edge, relevant, professional theatre in intimate settings. Our shows are produced with a visceral simplicity that will stir your imagination to new heights and give voice to the defining stories of our time.

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  Cast   Creative Team
  Frank: Paul Morgan Stetler   Director: Darragh Kennan
  Rachel: Brenda Joyner   Stage Manager: Tori Thompson
  Becca: Sylvie Davidson   Lighting and Sound Design: Lindsay Smith
  Deborah: Betsy Schwartz   Set Design: Peter Dylan O'Connor
  J(udith): Hannah Mootz   Costume Design: Kimberly Newton
      Props Master: Megan Tuschhoff