Running Time: 80 minutes

The Whole Day Down or Our Town's High School Our Town encompasses a family and community's struggle through haunting memories, revealing home videos, scrap books, and records left as enigmatic bits of evidence around an outrageous act. Youthful violence becomes an everyday event in the suburbs, echoing through angsty pop songs and the sentimental darling of our nation's high schools stages; Thornton Wilder's Our Town.

Part of the series: The Construction Zone

Hailing from the redwooded Santa Cruz mountains Hans Vermy earned his PhD in Theater and Performance Studies from Brown University in 2014. His dissertation is about theater and cartoons. His plays often pull from toonish worlds, finding the physically absurd alive onstage. He has been fortunate to labor across two fields with his work falling between celluloid and stage and the cut and the page; a film editor, a theater writer and maker and performer and fan.