Running Time: 2 hours (including an intermission)

The latest installment of the popular local radio show recorded live for podcast, featuring new local work written and performed by some of Seattle's top talent. 

Swing into the New Year a little early with new plays, poetry and adaptations of classic literature created especially for radio, all scored with live sound effects and music. In addition to fresh new writing from Scot Augustson, Elizabeth Heffron, Paul Mullin, and Wayne Rawley, this holiday episode features appearances by Dos Fallopia (aka Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt), Cascadia Big Band and Seattle’s rock star librarian Nancy Pearl.


  • The latest adventure of “Cousin Katie” by Scot Augustson stars Annette Toutonghi and features special guest Nancy Pearl
  • A PSA by Elizabeth Heffron 
  • The stunning conclusion to Paul Mullin's angel noir serial “Markheim” with Charles Leggett
  • Fabulous music from the 17-piece Cascade Big Band
  • Producer Richard Ziman gives “The Kings Christmas” by A.A. Milne the SRL treatment and invites the audience to be a part of the action
  • Wayne Rawley peeks into up some surprising office politics in Controlling Interest"
  • Inspired zaniness from Dos Fallopia, aka Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt
  • PLUSthe Sandbox Radio Orchestra, all your favorite local actors, live sound effects, and more!

Part of the series: Sandbox Radio LIVE!

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Creator/Director: Leslie Law
Producer: Richard Ziman
Music Director/Composer: Jose “Juicy” Gonzales