Running Time: 2 hours (including an intermission)

This fresh new episode features guest musicians Cascadia Big Band, sultry vocals from Billie Wildrick, Jeannette D'Armand, and Candice Donahoo aka The Riveting Rosies, an encore performance of Richard Ziman's adaptation of the classic "Casey at the Bat" with virtuoso work from our sfx team, new radio plays from Elizabeth Heffron and Juliet Waller Pruzan, Paul Mullin's Markheim heats up as things get way uglier for our angel hero (series finale only two episodes away!), a PSA by Wayne Rawley, and special guest Tina Rowleyrecorded LIVE! Get ready by catching up with the podcast of prior episodes online at

Part of the series: Sandbox Radio LIVE!

Photo Credit: Truman Buffett

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Creator/Director:  Leslie Law
Producer: Richard Ziman
Music Director/Composer: Jose “Juicy” Gonzales