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Directed by Leslie Law and Kathryn Van Meter
Running Time: 2 1/2 hours including one intermission

Imagine a divisive Congress. Imagine lawmakers desperately vying to line their state's pockets - and their own - by adding pork to every possible bill. Imagine (and this might be more of a stretch) an idealistic young congressman who decides to oppose a bill that will net his district a huge construction project, simply because he knows it's wrong - and even though his fight will cost him the support of his new peers, his constituents, and the woman he's in love with, who just happens to be the daughter of the Appropriations Committee chairman.

Can you imagine any man standing up to the full weight of the D. C. beltway? Well, imagine no more. Come to this reading - a revival of ESP's very first outing in 2011: Both Your Houses, a right-out-of-yesterday's-headlines story concocted in 1933, by the great American playwright Maxwell Anderson. It's full of glorious wisecracks, some cynicism, and a marvelously constructed dramatic situation - and won Anderson a Pulitzer Prize. Please join a first-rate cast of Seattle's best for the fun and the fury of Both Your Houses!

Featuring Aaron Blakely, Suzanne Bouchard, Christine Marie Brown, Truman Buffett, Susan Corzatte, Bod DeDea, Allen Galli, Sean Griffin, Randy Hoffmeyer, Dan Kremer, Frank Lawler, John Patrick Lowrie, Jon Lutyens, Jason Marr, David Silverman, and Richard Ziman.

Part of the series: Endangered Species Project

Endangered Species Project is an organization of distinguished Seattle theatre artists dedicated to presenting plays that seldom get full productions. While it is an essential duty of theatres to read and develop new work, there’s a parallel need to bring older neglected plays back to the stage. Through our simply staged readings, we lend live voices to plays that are now silent on our bookshelves.  

Founded in February of 2011, Endangered Species Project has consistently mounted monthly readings. Expanding from our core group of eleven, dozens of Seattle’s best and bravest actors have been instrumental in bringing new life to these plays. We strive to do nothing that gets between the audience and the play. We want to give full scope to those two most powerful forces in the theatre: a playwright’s ideas and the audience’s imagination.

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