January 10-18, 2014
In the Falls Theatre | View Seating Chart
Running Time: 2 hours (including an intermission)

Since 1997, 14/48: The World’s Quickest Theater Festival has challenged Seattle’s most daring theatre artists to write, design, score, rehearse, and perform 14 world premiere plays in 48 hours, and dazzles audiences every time. Each weekend, artists gather on Thursday night. Writers are given a theme and write a play on that theme by the next morning. Directors are chosen at random, the plays are cast at random, musician arrive and form a brand new band. Friday night, we present seven world premiere plays—never seen before, never seen again, impossible to forget—and then ask the audience for a new theme so we can start the whole process again in what The Stranger describes as “a punishing artistic exercise in speed and endurance."

Photos courtesy of Ian Johnston (far left & far right) and Joe Iano (second & third)