Sep 8, 2013
Bullitt Cabaret
1 hour, 30 minutes (no intermission)

As Middletown reflects the themes of the classic American play, Our Town, ACT aims to reflect on the Seattle side of the conversation. Join artists, Professor Jodi O'Brien, and fellow audience members to investigate "our" human interactions and social norms. Features actors reading excerpts from Middletown and Our Town. Moderated by community organizer, Zaki Abdelhamid.

Jodi O’Brien is a professor of sociology at Seattle University. Her teaching and research focus on everyday forms of difference and discrimination, and the social psychological, and institutional practices that perpetuate prejudice and inequalities. Her books include The Production of Reality; Social Prisms; and Everyday Inequalities. She is also the editor of the Encyclopedia of Gender and Society and currently edits the sociology journal, Contexts. Her most recent articles are on the cultural politics of religion and sexuality with an emphasis on queer Christians and the congregations that support them. She has also been featured in several news articles and documentaries on the topic of the "Seattle Freeze."