October 4 - November 3, 2013
Directed by Alan Ayckbourn
In the Allen Theatre | View Seating Chart
Running Time is 2 hours, 50 minutes, including intermission

ACT welcomes the great Sir Alan Ayckbourn to direct this American premiere of his 2003 “comedy of dark intentions,” about a naïve young student who rescues an old man dressed as Father Christmas from a hit-and-run driver and brings him back to the London flat she shares with her sister. As he showers her with gifts in a manner beyond polite gratitude and she accepts them in a way that begins to alter her personality, they embark on a dangerously Faustian game of mutual fantasy. They play roles in which no act can be taken at face value, no one is quite who they seem, and no good deed goes entirely unpunished.

Photo Credit: Nate Watters

Age Recommendation: 15+ for language that includes "F, B, and S" words, plus mature themes.
ACT Theatre's policy is to inform audiences of content, but to let parents, guardians, and teachers make decisions that they feel is most appropriate for youth and teens in their care.

Previews: Oct 4-9

Behind the Scenes: Oct 8, 6:00pm

Tastings:  Oct 18, 6:30pm

Post Play Discussions: Oct 15, 20, 27

Audio Described Performance: Oct 26, 2:00pm


Anne Allgood as Charmaine

Emily Chisholm* as Sasha

Seán G. Griffin as Val

Elinor Gunn* as Chloe

John Patrick Lowrie as Ashley

*ACT Mainstage Debut

Alan Ayckbourn - Director

Matthew Smucker - Scenic Designer

Deb Trout - Costume Designer

Rick Paulsen - Lighting Designer

Brendan Patrick Hogan - Sound Designer


Jeffrey K. Hanson - Stage Manager

Ruth Eitemiller - Production Assistant

Kent Cubbage - Assistant Lighting Designer