June 29, 2013 at 2:00pm
SUGOI Experience JAPAN! Presents
Invitation to Noh
Samurai Warrior on the Noh Stage
Bullitt Cabaret

Noh is the world's oldest surviving theatrical art dating back some 700 years and appeals to the contemporary audience with its universal themes. We proudly present this special 90 minutes program, The Samurai Warrior on the Noh Stage, a rare interactive workshop by Munenori Takeda and Fumiyuki Takeda, the most respected young Noh performers in Japan. As a member of the audience you can view the performance, study many fascinating facts about Noh, and learn to sing the lines with the performers. The theater artwork has been provided by Yubi Yazaki. Her beautiful Sougeiga Art, "Colors of Japan" will be exhibited at the stage. Not recommended for babies and small children. Learn more at www.sugoiexperiencejapan.com