March 16-June 2, 2013
A Co-Production with The 5th Avenue Theatre
Directed by Kurt Beattie, Musical Staging by Noah Racey
Allen Theatre 

Little Edie is a dazzling socialite on a downward spiral into a life of illusions and hoarded junk.  Just exactly how did Jackie Kennedy’s cousin end up living in a decaying 42-room mansion full of cats?  First captured in a cult-hit documentary, this true-story-turned-musical will take you on an unforgettable journey.

Set in the East Hampton mansion of the Beale family, Grey Gardens, and based on the cult-hit documentary of the same name, this award-winning intimate musical follows the spectacular decline and fall of Edith Bouvier Beale, a relative of Jacqueline Kennedy, and her daughter “Little Edie” from a glamorous life of cocktails and house parties to a penniless existence of bizarre co-dependency in the shambles of their once-splendid home. Performed in the Allen Arena Theatre, Grey Gardens promises to be one of the most memorable musicals of the Seattle season. 

Cast in order of appearance:

 SUZY HUNT*     Edith Bouvier Beale
 PATTI COHENOUR*     “Little” Edie Beale/Edith Bouvier Beale
 JESSICA SKERRITT*     “Little” Edie Beale
 ANALIESE EMERSON GUETTINGER     Jacqueline “Jackie” Bouvier
 EKELLO J. HARRID, Jr.*     Brooks, Sr./Brooks Jr.
 MARK ANDERS*     George Gould Strong
 MATT OWEN*     Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Jr./Jerry
 ALLEN FITZPATRICK*     J.V. “Major” Bouvier/Norman Vincent Peale







*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

Going on three years in 2013, The 5th Avenue Theatre and ACT Theatre have partnered to produce a musical that is seen by their combined audiences and the Seattle community.

Grey Gardens follows in the footsteps of last season's wildly popular world premiere, First Date, and Vanities, which played during the spring of 2011.

ACT and The 5th Avenue began these partnerships in order to stage musicals they might not otherwise produce on their own. With aligned missions dedicated to producing new works in each season and with shared resources, the theaters can explore a wide variety of new and lesser known musicals. The Falls Theatre and Allen Arena Theatre at ACT are ideal venues to stage the more intimate musicals selected for these partnerships.

Scarecrow Video 
5030 Roosevelt Way NE

Scarecrow carries both the classic documentary Grey Gardens as well as the 2009 version starring Drew Barrymore for rent. ACTPass Members receive discounts with Scarecrow Video (login and click here for details) so remember to show your ACTPass!

Click the linked publication titles to read the full articles:

The Seattle Times
“The skillfully mounted Seattle debut of the uncommon show, as directed by Kurt Beattie in a 5th Avenue Theatre-ACT Theatre production at ACT, is first-rate all around.”
“Hunt deserves a medal for vanity-free bravery — as does Cohenour, who with her Broadway-honed, comic timing and sensitive acting, makes both Beales more than the media caricatures they’ve become.”

The Seattle Weekly
“Cohenour, Hunt, Skerritt, and Owen all shine in their roles, and the supporting cast is never less than stalwart.”

City Arts
“The current production … surprises with its ability to capture the humanity of the two Ediths.”
“The actresses in this production do something that is hard to achieve in a comic musical—they are able to break through their kooky characters and expose an aching vulnerability.”
“Cohenour is an absolute standout.”
“Directed by Kurt Beattie, this production is in undeniably talented hands.”

The Sunbreak
“A ‘staunch women’ tour-de-force.”
“People stroll out the theatre deep in discussion.”
“Dynamo Cohenour as Little Edie and an utterly fearless, gutsy Suzy Hunt as Big Edie.”
“Wonderfully loopy yet lucidly precise.”
“Cohenour is a veteran of Broadway, and it shows; she makes the transition between player the two characters with ease, and handles the songs … with panache.”

Queen Anne & Magnolia News
“With her fine Broadway voice and comic timing, Patti Cohenour does a terrific double-turn.”
“It is Cohenour’s Little Edie of Act II that truly shines: Beyond walking the walk and talking the talk, she evinces the pathos of her situation, taking her beyond a mere recreation of the Little Edie of the documentary.”

Talkin’ Broadway
“This one-of-a-kind show … is must-see theatre with a bevy of knockout performances.”
“Beattie's cast is as good a one as Seattle has to offer.”