Exhibit runs till October 3, 2013

Join us from 6:00pm-9:00pm on October 3 for the completion of Photographer LaRae Lobdell’s 16-month project of capturing portraits of more than 200 Seattle Theatre artists.

Have you ever wondered what is happening in an image? What were the elements that came together to makethat moment, that composition, that one certain expression happen all in a synchronized technical and artistic movement for a fraction of a second? Explore over 210 large exhibit prints displayed over four floors of ACT Theatre.

Write, draw, or use your mobile device to imagine and describe what YOU THINK is going on outside of the frame. Your written and digital submissions from this evening will curate asmall showing at West of Lenin on October 25.


About the Exhibit:
This large-scale exhibit of 200+ prints representing more than 150 individuals and over 20 theatres that drive the Seattle performance art scene will be displayed over 3 floors of the historic ACT Theatre building in downtown Seattle. This entire exhibit will be on display over the course of an entire theatre season, through October 17th, bringing further connection and elevation to all individuals, community and industry for Seattle’s performing arts.

Organized thematically, each of the 200+ images are sectioned into different galleries in public spaces. The first gallery is devoted to ACT, the host of the event, featuring the projects participants including Lewis Black, Trieu Tran, Marya Sea Kaminski, Julie Briskman, Pamela Reed, Kevin Tighe, Jeff Steitzer, Kurt Beattie, Marianne Owen, Tim Gouran, and many others. The next gallery inspired by Intiman Theatre features 35 artists from the Playhouse’s comeback festival year made up of Dan Savage, Valerie Curtis-Newton, Allison Narver, Olivier Wevers, Shellie Shulkin, Andrew Russell, Shawn Law, Allen Fitzpatrick, Timothy McCuen Piggee, and many more top-notch individuals. More galleries include Aimée Bruneau, Hannah Victoria Franklin and Ali el-Gassier for Washington Ensemble Theatre, and Tommy Smith, Waxie Moon, Matt Drews, Markeith Wiley, Paul Budraitis, John Osebold, and Montana von Fliss representing fringe theatre in Seattle.

Special thanks to the following companies for their support: 


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