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Subscriptions to ACT's 2018 Season are now Available!

We have opened up 2018 Subscription renewals early for our most recent subscribers! Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to subscribe to a 6-play season and receive the added benefits of:

  • NO Fees (a $15 fee per order)
  • FREE Early Bird ticket to the 2018 Mainstage Play of your choice

Subscribing to ACT's pre-paid Mainstage play package offers the convenience, flexibility, discounts, and access that you love. What does that really mean? Seating is never more than 10 rows from the stage, parking is only $6, and you can take your drink to your seat! Plus, if your plans change, subscribers receive complimentary exchanges so you don’t miss a single show.

Did you receive an order form in the mail, but want to subscribe online? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Scroll down and be sure that "Subscription renewal" is selected
  2. Select the option that best matches your order form:
    • "Renew" if your order form references renewing
    • "Upgrade" if your form references upgrading
  3. Consult your order form to find the unique RSVP Number in the top right corner on the front of the form
  4. Select the number of seats that you would like for the 2018 season
  5. Select the code for the Series listed on your order form. If you do not see a series code on your order form, please refer to the table below
  6. All six plays are selected so you can scroll down to select the options you would like to add-on to your subscription order
  7. If you have any special requests (such as needing wheelchair accessibility or have interest in reserving a Close Caption device) please note those in the Special Requests box
  8. Your total will be listed at the bottom based on the options you have selected above, click "Add to cart" and you will be brought to the purchase page

Looking for a Series code?

Interested in: Select: 6-play Price:
Red Carpet Openings THU-1E $360
Saturday Evenings SAT-1E, SAT-2E, SAT-3E $360
Weekday: Wednesday WED-1E, WED-2E, WED-3E $282
Weekday: Thursday THU-1E, THU-2E, THU-3E $282
Matinees THU-2M, SAT-1M, SUN-2M OR -3M $270
Sunday Evening SUN-1E, SUN-2E, SUN-3E $270
Previews FRI-PE, SAT-PE, SUN-PE, WED-PE $264
Tuesdays TUE-PE, TUE-2E, TUE-3E $150

Questions? Please call the Ticket Office at 206.292.7676 Tuesday-Sunday, 12:00pm-6:00pm.
All titles and dates are subject to change.


Full Season renewers may retain their current seats.
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Seats & Series

Number of Seats
Series Code


Ride the Cyclone
Mar 10 - May 20
Show Two 2018
Apr 20 - May 20
Show Three 2018
Jun 8 - Jul 1
Show Four 2018
Jul 20 - Aug 12
Show Five 2018
Sep 7 - Sep 30
Show Six 2018
Oct 12 - Nov 4


Parking Passes
Evening subscribers can buy parking passes for $6 each, for use at the Convention Center Garage. Parking passes are for a single night, so be sure to get pass(es) for each show you plan on attending.
Special Requests**

**For example: wheelchair accessible seating, no stairs,
hearing devices required or other accessibility requirements.
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