August 30-September 29, 2013
Directed by John Langs
Falls Theatre 
Runs two hours, 10 minutes (with intermission)

In his whimsical, contemporary spin on Thornton Wilder’s classic comedy drama, Our Town, Will Eno brings neighbor and stranger together, mining the metaphysical and the mundane in the everyday lives of the citizens of Middletown, aka everytown USA. At the heart of this sweet, disturbing, and immensely moving journey beats the tender, tenacious human struggle for connection and meaning in this mystery we call life. 

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Age Recommendation: 13+ for language that includes "F" and "S" words, plus mature themes.
ACT Theatre's policy is to inform audiences of content, but to let parents, guardians, and teachers make decisions that they feel is most appropriate for youth and teens in their care

Previews: Aug 30-Sep 4

Behind the Scenes: Sep 3, 6:00pm

Tastings:  Sep 13, 6:30pm

Post Play Discussions: Sep 10, 15 (2:00pm), 22 (7:00pm)

Audio Described Performance: Sep 21, 2:00pm



Matthew Floyd Miller*, THE COP




Marianne Owen*, THE LIBRARIAN

Eric Riedmann*, JOHN DODGE

Ray Tagavilla, THE MECHANIC

Alexandra Tavares*, MARY SWANSON


Creative Team:
John Langs, Director

Jennifer Zeyl, Scenic Design

Rose Pederson, Costume Design

Ben Zamora, Lighting Design

Brendan Patrick Hogan, Sound Design

JR Welden*, Stage Manager

*Members of the Actors Equity Association, the Union of Professional Stage Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.


“Middletown is magic.”
“Expertly directed by John Langs, the 10-person cast works together so well, it's as if they're holding hands and merrily skipping through the text."
“The result, an unlikely synthesis of deadpan wit and emotional pyrotechnics, can be magic.”
“It's as if the script's ambient wit slowly ionizes the atmosphere until Eno finds just the right moment to hurl a lightning bolt our way”
-The Stranger

an earnest, dissonant yearning that vibrates between grandiosity and humility
“whoever you are, you are meant to be here. This play’s for you. As manifested in this excellent production, directed by John Langs, it probably is.”
“very funny … laced with myriad instants of absurdity”
-Seattle Weekly

stirring and heartfelt performances”
“Director John Langs has put together a powerhouse of an ensemble cast and crafted the production with his usual winning style and grace.”
“an engaging look at the lives of everyday people just trying to make it through the world; whether that be through books, pills or just holding someone's hand.”
-Broadway World

“Will Eno cleverly and sincerely pays homage to Wilder’s classic (Our Town)” 
“Director John Langs ably guides a cast of flesh-and-blood actors of range and depth to embody these wispy folk on Jennifer Zeyl’s simple cul-de-sac set, and bring them to flickering life.”
Middletown will be a moving experience for some, and for many yield a valuable epiphany or two.”
-The Seattle Times 

What looks on the surface like a slice of kitchen-sink Americana is in fact a thought-provoking, protracted musing on the nature of being: birth, death and most importantly, the inexplicable beauty of everything in between.”
“sparkling, precise, and drily hilarious language.”
It's fun and it's funny”
“Director John Langs has assembled a top-drawer cast of actors “
-City Arts Magazine 

“performances by Tavares and Riedmann are some of the best performances I have seen all year.”
“Middletown is startlingly true and poignant.”