Young Playwrights Festival: Tomorrow's playwrights today

Every March, the Young Playwrights Festival showcases some of the best of the Young Playwrights Program (YPP), allowing select students to see their playwriting work come to life with the help of a professional artistic team. Starting in December, a panel of professional artists reads all the student plays created during the Young Playwrights Program. After evaluating each play on its merits, we select eight outstanding plays to feature in professionally staged readings at ACT in the annual Young Playwrights Festival.

Once selected, the playwrights are partnered with a professional director, dramaturg, stage manager and actors; they continue to work diligently with their creative team to craft their plays further, participate in rehearsals, and make their plays ready for the stage in March. Each play is performed twice during the three-day festival.

"Seeing my play onstage at ACT!!! It was like being able to fly for a few minutes. After it's over, you walk around like you are dancing on the moon."
–Zoe Barker-Aderem, 2009 YPF participant


See a new set of plays by the newest set of young playwrights on Mar 29-31, 2018.