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To take advantage of all that your ACT Membership has to offer online, you must be logged into your primary ACT Theatre Member account. As a Subscriber and ACTPass Monthly Member, you will be assigned a temporary login to your primary account, which you may use to create your own permanent login.

To create a permanent login, you will need your primary account number, the last name on the account, and your 5-digit zip code. Your primary account number can be found on either a subscription ticket or on an ACTPass Member card.

Note: A temporary login is not needed if you have previously created a permanent login for your primary account. If you have previously created a permanent login, click here to return to the Members Only login page. Once logged in with your permanent login, you should be able to access the various discounts and benefits that come with being an ACT Member. If you are unable to access these benefits, please contact the Ticket Office directly at 206.292.7676 or

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