ACT will hold auditions for the youth actor roles in this year’s production of A Christmas Carol, directed by John Langs.
Sunday, September 21, 2014 | 10:00am–5:00pm | ACT Theatre | 700 Union St, Seattle, WA 98101

Rehearsals begin on November 10th. The production begins performances on November 28th and closes on December 28th. Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day are days off, but there will be performances on Christmas Eve at 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm. Please note also that this year we will be playing through the end of the holiday week.

Auditions will be held at ACT, 700 Union Street (corner of Seventh Avenue behind the Convention Center).

We are looking for 3-4 boys and 3-4 girls (depending on whether Tiny Tim is cast with a boy or a girl) between the ages of 7and 16. Children of all cultural backgrounds are encouraged to audition. 

Auditioners should prepare a short poem or monologue (less than 1 minute in length) to recite from memory AND a brief song to be performed a cappella. They should bring a picture of themselves and a resume of previous experience. They should be prepared to stay at least an hour and must be accompanied by an adult the entire time. If they find they cannot make their scheduled audition time, they should please call and cancel.

All children will be contacted about the results of the auditions. Callbacks will be held on Tuesday, September 23 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

We will begin taking appointments for the Youth Actor Auditions on Wednesday, September 10, and on weekdays thereafter until the day of the auditions. NO APPOINTMENTS WILL BE MADE PRIOR TO THAT DATE.  To schedule, please call ACT Casting Director Margaret Layne at (206) 292-7660 ext 1226, weekdays between the hours of 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm. You may also request an appointment by email to: If you choose the e-mail option, please indicate your preferred time of day (morning/afternoon) for the audition.

ROLES AVAILABLE (age ranges are approximate):

MARTHA CRATCHIT: Age 12-16. Eldest Cratchit daughter, already out working to help support the family. Warm, serene, a second mother to the little ones, with a touch of gravity that comes from understanding the thin economic edge the family balances on.

PETER CRATCHIT: Age 11-14. Eldest son, just about old enough to join older sister Martha in the workforce. Trying hard to be the man of the family when his father isn’t around, but still enough of a kid to get caught up in the younger children’s games.  Practical, helpful, a leader with a sense of fun. (Possible double: Young Scrooge).

CHARLES CRATCHIT: Age 9-12. Middle Cratchit boy. Bright, ebullient, full of fun and high spirits. The kind of kid who’ll tease his sisters unmercifully one minute and in the next one give them a bear hug to show he didn’t mean it. (Possible double: Young Scrooge)

BELINDA CRATCHIT: Age 9-13. Middle Cratchit girl. Quiet, sweet, a little shy, but the most intuitive and tuned in to changes in the emotional atmosphere; always wanting to make things easier or make others feel better. (Possible double: Fan).

ELIZABETH CRATCHIT: Age 6-10. Youngest Cratchit girl. The female version of Charles – outgoing, spontaneous, affectionate, not afraid to compete for her share of her parents’ attention. (Possible double: Fan) 

TINY TIM: Age 6-10. Youngest Cratchit, described by Charles Dickens as “a cripple…he bore a little crutch.” Frail but undaunted, chipper and sweet-natured, an old soul and the apple of everybody’s eye. Ideally under 4’2” and less than 60 lbs. (May be played by a young girl and doubled with Fan.)

YOUNG SCROOGE: Age 9-14. Strong acting skills. Plays Scrooge both as a child and as an adolescent. Intelligent, inquisitive, but already showing the effects of a lonely, loveless childhood. Lights up at any sign of affection, but disturbingly resigned when it fails to come or he’s left alone. Already something sad and removed about him.

FAN: Age 6-11. Scrooge’s younger sister. Classic Dickens girl: radiant, innocent, loving, the embodiment of all things good and beautiful. Worships her brother and intervenes on his behalf with their father. One of only two people Scrooge has ever truly loved.

TURKEY BOY/UNDERTAKER’S ASSISTANT: Age 9-16. Solid singer, strong acting skills, charisma. Savvy street kid and jack of all trades, gregarious, engaging, Artful Dodger type.

General Auditions for Equity Actors 

ACT holds auditions annually for local Equity actors. The 2014 auditions have already taken place. Information on the next auditions will be posted in early 2015.

Equity members from outside Seattle may request an individual audition at the theatre if they are visiting the city.
Please contact Margaret Layne, Casting Director, by phone at (206) 292-7660 x1226, or via e-mail at