Since 2006, ACT has premiered or developed 22 new plays in our various play development programs (ACT New Play Award, Icicle Creek Theatre Festival, New Works for the American Stage) which have gone on to have over 60 productions elsewhere in the country, many of them at top of the line professional regional theatres. In 2013 ACT saw its first show go to Broadway, with the 2012 world premiere musical First Date, in partnership with The 5th Avenue Theatre. 

Since 2005, we have produced 7 world premieres by local writers on our mainstage. Since 2003 we've produced 11 world premieres.

ACT developed and produced the premiere of Yussef El Guindi's play Pilgrims Musa and Sheri in the New World, which won one of the most prestigious new play awards in the country, the Steinberg Award, presented at the Humana Festival.

Mainstage Play Series

The cornerstone of ACT's mission, Mainstage plays are the world-class productions that the community has come to expect each year since ACT was founded in 1965. Fully produced, and featuring amazing design value, directing, and acting from local and national artists, Mainstage plays are most often staged in our larger theaters, the Allen and Falls. ACT's Mainstage productions include both world premieres and the new generations of contemporary classics. Learn about past productions with our new History website featuring the first 50 years of ACT's Mainstage productions or review the playpages of recent productions here.

To view current and upcoming Mainstage productions, click here and scroll down. The full Mainstage production history can be viewed by clicking the Mainstage Play link at right.


ACT's innovative Central Heating Lab initiative was launched to nurture and support new works, new talent, and local artists spanning not only theatre, but also cabaret, music, dance, spoken word, film, and performance and visual art. Starting in 2015, the program formerly known as the Central Heating Lab will now simply be known as ACTLab. With this new name, comes a new vision and mission:

ACTLab is investing in the imagination of audiences and artists, cultivating new ideas through experimentation, excellent art, and meaningful partnerships.

ACTLab exists to invite artists to experience and create groundbreaking process and product through a curated partnership program.

Previous and recurring CHL programs and partners include Icicle Creek New Play Festival, Hedgebrook Women Playwrights Festival, The Construction Zone, Azeotrope, Endangered Species Project, Sandbox Radio LIVE!, eSe Teatro, and many more

Programs are added throughout the year. To view current and upcoming Central Heating Lab productions, click here and scroll down. The full ACTLab production history can be viewed by clicking the ACTLab link at right.

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